Loomio School

Learn how to do great online facilitation and grow a collaborative culture. Training resources, guides, and stories.

Loomio is an online tool used by thousands of groups around the world to increase transparency and inclusion, decrease meetings and emails, and make better decisions together.

illustration showing people collaborating with Loomio

Learn to use Loomio
Get familiar with the basics.

Guides & How To's
How Loomio fits in with your group processes.

Case Studies & User Stories
People using Loomio in co-ops, government, community and business.

The Loomio Facilitation Guide
Going in-depth about applying key facilitation concepts in the online space.

Coaching Resources
Workshop runsheets and training guides.

Articles, podcasts, and videos from the cutting edge of collaborative organising.

If you're looking for more support, get in touch. We have a global network of collaboration experts available to help!

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